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Monday, October 3, 2022

MONTH: OCT 2022. Presents: Monthly Chart Analysis About Cryptocurrency Bitcoin πŸ’° [BTC]

Bitcoin needs to start above 18,150 price area Month; NOV 2022
If not the pain will continue. πŸ“‰
 Currently BTC is bouncing inside of white triangle, 
since it failed to stay inside light blue triangle; producing negativity towards <15,000 price.
 To reverse negative light blue triangle bitcoin needs to start above 22,000 Nov 1st.
 Currently bitcoin is dealing with Six negative downtrend lines that are holding it back from bullishness.  
To be above all negativity lines bitcoin needs to start above 48,000 Nov 1st.
The lowest Bitcoin can touch this year is >5 thousand πŸ₯² rare.
Recent Last Average all time low was around 4,000

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