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Sunday, February 25, 2024

February 25, 2024 at 01:33PM Alikze → SHIB | Completing ascending micro waves 3

Alikze → SHIB | Completing ascending micro waves 3


According to the analysis of the previous post, it climbed to the supply area after the exit of the density. In the 12h time, after the support in the green box area, it is completing the 2 out of 3 microwaves. This current wave, with the support of the green box, has the ability to reach the supply area, and then the 0.78 Fibo target, and then the 0.00001401 target. had
Note: Note that there is a double correction in the weekly time that has been completed and is in ascending guard, which I will send step by step updates.
Analysis invalidity: below the green box area
๐ŸŸฉSup:Green box
⛳️Tp 1:0.00001060 - 0.00001089
⛳️ Tp2 :0.00001178
⛳️ Tp3 :0.00001401
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Friday, February 23, 2024

February 23, 2024 at 06:35PM Shiba Inu Will Grow After One Final Drop... See Here!

Shiba Inu Will Grow After One Final Drop... See Here!


Shiba Inu will grow in 2024.
Shiba Inu is likely to grow in 2025 as well but the chart/market is asking for one final drop; the end of the correction, before massive growth can take place.

This is ok.
This is fine.
This is normal... The market moves in waves.

We have a Head & Shoulders pattern and red candles after a lower high; all pointing down.

Maybe 1-2 months max and then strong growth.

There is the possibility of a new accumulation phase at support before the next jump.

I will be here for updates.

Thanks for your continued support.


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