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Thursday, September 29, 2022

MONTH: SEP 2022. Presents: Monthly Chart Analysis About Cryptocurrency Floki Inu 🐢 [FLOKI] #Floki #Inu #Viking

Floki Inu needs to start above 0.000007 price area Month;
October 2022
If not the pain will continue. πŸ“‰
 Light green triangle looks like it could be done producing 
negativity towards 0.000005 price area.
Currently price action bouncing inside of 
(June22-April23) white triangle if October starts above orange line. 
So... πŸ“ˆ should be coming back soon.
The lowest FLOKI can touch this year is 0.0000008 πŸ₯² rare.
Last Average all time low was around 0.000003

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