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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

March 27, 2024 at 12:23AM SHIB price breakout rally eyes beyond $0.000050

SHIB price breakout rally eyes beyond $0.000050


Bullish Turnaround Rally: SHIB prepares for a bullish reversal, targeting a breakout above $0.000040.
Rounding Bottom Reversal: Indicating a potential for significant price increase.
Fibonacci Level Breakout: Aiming for an uptrend beyond $0.00004116 towards $0.00005833.
Bitcoin Price Influence: Revival interest in meme coins, including SHIB, amid Bitcoin's market pump.
Conservative Uptrend Speed: Noticing a cautious yet steady bullish movement.
Bullish Pattern Breakout: Small timeframe analysis shows increasing chances for a bull run.
Support at $0.000024: Acting as a launchpad for the current rally.
Daily Chart Momentum: Four consecutive bullish candles highlight the ongoing positive momentum.
Current Trading Status: SHIB trading at $0.00003096, with noticeable intraday growth.
Technical Indicators Support: MACD and RSI in the 4H timeframe support the bullish outlook.
Overhead Resistance: Watching the $0.00003802 zone for potential supply challenges.
Fibonacci Level Targets: Bullish trend aiming for $0.00005833 based on Fibonacci analysis.

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