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Saturday, February 10, 2024

February 10, 2024 at 02:17AM SHIB Shiba Inu Price Target

SHIB Shiba Inu Price Target


If you haven`t sold the Bearish Pennant:

SHIB Shiba Inu Bearish Chart Pattern
Nor bought the dip on SHIB:
SHIB Shiba Inu Falling Wedge Pattern

With the stock market reaching record highs, there is growing optimism that the positive momentum could spill over into the crypto market.
Historically, we've seen a correlation between bullish sentiments in traditional markets and increased interest and investment in cryptocurrencies.
As traditional investors seek diversification and alternative assets, the crypto market, with its potential for high returns, could benefit from this wave of enthusiasm.
This alignment with the prevailing positive trends in the stock market might act as a catalyst, fostering a bullish outlook for the crypto market in the coming days.

My Price Target for SHIB Shiba Inu is the next resistance, $0.00001050.

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