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Saturday, January 6, 2024

January 06, 2024 at 03:13PM ✴️ Shiba Inu Double Top Confirmed (Still Time Left To Act!)

✴️ Shiba Inu Double Top Confirmed (Still Time Left To Act!)


What one does, the rest follows... It works both ways.
It worked from the ground up, it will work in reverse.

All the charts I am seeing are bearish now, those Altcoins paired with Tether.
Maybe, only those BTC pairs (ALTSBTC) will survive this time around, actually, will thrive.

I've been sharing those for a while so you better prepare to protect your folio or else it will drop by 30-40%, by the time you decide to take action if you didn't do so in advance it will be too late.

The market moves in cycles... Shiba Inu, ok!

We were early for the last call for a drop on Shiba Inu, which only gives more strength to the current chart setup.

We have a double top and bearish divergence with the RSI since August, pretty strong.

Bear volume going up and the RSI bearish, going down with a reading below fifty (43.57) now.

We ride the waves... It went up, we went up.
It goes down... We stay up!


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