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Thursday, October 13, 2022

✅πŸ”₯SHIB is close to PUMP. 4 preconditions to open long before it

✅πŸ”₯SHIB is close to PUMP. 4 preconditions to open long before it


Hi friends! Shiba inu making lower lows and lower highs. I thonk that this downtrend can change soon and it will be nice to open local ans swing longs.

Take a look on the volume indicator. As you can see the volume growth at the bottom indicating about amazing entry poiny to long. Now we can expect the same situation with nice pullback to our targets.

πŸ“Š Where is this point to open a long? I recommend you to open a long following this preconditions:
πŸ”₯ local pullback with the volume growth
πŸ”₯ squeeze to the upper boundary of the channel
πŸ”₯ bullish BTC
πŸ”₯ DOM and Footrpin indicates the large volume orders to BUY

🚩 The second scenario is the fall to the closest value area of $0.0076-0.0084. Additionally, there is the lower boundary of the channel. The channel+value aea could bevame the huge support fot the price. The targets are the same.

πŸ“Š My targets for SHIB:
1. $0.0117-0.0127
2. $0.0155-0.0165

πŸ”₯My recommendation is to book at least 25-30% of profit and set sl to breakeven, when the price reach losest target.

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P.S. Personally, I open an entry if the price shows it according to my strategy.
Always do your analysis before making a trade


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